I Failed Med School: For Those of Us Who Failed to Become Physicians

Also for depressed medical students and residents

I Failed Med School/Am A Depressed Med Student
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    I began my journey as a medical student in fall 2000, when I began medical school. Two years, an irritated administration, lots of psychological therapy, two antidepressants, and one failed class later, I left. Thanks both to the acrimonious situation that caused me to leave and the state of my academic record, I will probably never again be eligible for admittance into another medical school.
    It's been tough trying to free myself from a medically-oriented mindset I've had my entire life, as well as tough to find a new profession to pursue; while I have support irl that's enabled me to find a new profession, I've been mainly unsuccessful in finding anyone who understands just how devastating losing medical school has been for me. I decided to found this community after recently browsing through LiveJournal's communities and finding that there are communities for pre-med students, medical students, and physicians, but none for those of us who pursued our dream and failed in some way or other. I'm assuming that I'm probably not the only one who needs a sympathetic ear from someone who's been in the same situation, and I also want to help build a support system for those of us who are still grieving the loss of physicianhood, whether it was because we were poor academics, or failed the USMLE Step 2 one time too many, or who, for whatever reasons, could not finish medical school and gain licensure.

    I also went into a deep depression my first year of medical school; it was so bad that one October afternoon, I almost literally jumped out of a third-floor window. Only the knowledge that a very close friend of mine was expecting a telephone call from me kept me from becoming a messy mass on the pavement below. I know that many other medical students, as well as residents and physicians, also become depressed; physicians have one of the highest suicide rates among professionals in the U.S. I also want this community to serve as a support group for those students and residents who might not know where to turn for help or who need the understanding and support of others who are (or were) depressed.

2) Don't make suicide threats on the forum -- while we are here for emotional support, we can't easily get you the help you need. Also, I know many suicide threats are manipulative and not intentional, and anyone making manipulative threats WILL be reported to LiveJournal for misuse of the community.
3) Even though I have allowed for posting by non-members, I strongly suggest that if you are a member of the target audiences for this community, that you join it; in the future I'm contemplating doing some special things for members.
4) New members must be approved my me. Please include some information about yourself on the forum or in an email so I can evaluate your candidacy more easily; the minimum I need to know is what med school you attend, what year you are, and your LiveJournal handle. Information about what country your school is in is appreciated, but not necessary.
5) I'm in two MA programs right now, and am about to begin an internship, so if it takes me more than three days to approve your membership, please contact me at Aranxta1@yahoo.com and let me know I haven't considered you yet (put "Accepted or Rejected?" in the subject line of the email.)
6) Anonymous posts are NOT allowed. So don't try.
7) I have enabled logging of IP addresses solely to be able to report abusers.
8) Spammers will be reported and blocked. So will anyone posting messages that promote their non-related communities.
9) No porn or obscene material. Those posting such materials will be reported for abuse of posting privileges and banned from this community.
10) DON'T flame, start arguments, or insult others. That's not what this community is for.
11) If I begin to have problems with abuses of the forum, I WILL make it members-only and require all posts be approved by myself before posting, kick out/ban abusers, report abusers to LiveJournal, and generally make this community as protected and isolated as I can. I want those who use this forum to feel safe and give them support through hard times, and problems prevent those goals from being achieved and prevent people from being helped.
12) Posts on unrelated topics are allowed, and welcomed, since people can get to know each other better and become friends through discussing different topics. Just make sure the posts don't overwhelm the objectives of this community. Posts promoting non-medicine related communites are prohibited, however.
13) Yes, number 12 means you can whine about how hard grading is in you pharmacology class, or eulogize your failing the USMLE, or reflect on how depressed (or happy) you've been since quitting med school, or respond to a first-year student's query as to whether Lexapro is more effective than Prozac, or offer your support to those who are going through hard times, or talk about how R.E.M.'s new album both is very musically sparse and reflects your current mood, or ask if anyone's intersted in kayaking, or relate your experience overcoming depression. That sort of posting I don't mind. I just don't want there to be arguments, insults, attempts at manipulating others, spamming, promoting of unrelated communities, or obscene material.
14) Please have fun/use us for support... and know that you're not alone.
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