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Wed, Nov. 13th, 2013, 10:17 pm
paradiselost19: I suck

I applied it to medical school as a rock-star. I was so motivated because I had only things to be proud of and nothing to be ashamed of. I had a 36 MCAT. I was soon to graduate with distinction from a top U.S. University, and you couldn't have added anything to my resume to make it more perfect. At that same top U.S. University, I had met my sweetheart. I was going into medicine because I had found my way there from humble beginnings but she was there because it was expected of her. She had lived a childhood of privilege with two physician parents. When we met, she was doubting medicine as a career for herself and I had turned her around, being that I was so motivated toward physicianhood. Her stats were far less impressive than mine but nevertheless we set off to gain acceptance to medical school, attending together. She did get offers at some prestigious medical schools, as did I ,but the only school that we linked-up and were both accepted to was the state school of her home state ( not necessarily a state that you want to brag about being associated with). But okay, we were going to go to medical school and we were going to get to do it together! Right from the start, I hated the program and loathed the location and inhabitants of the region. I felt that I deserve better and all I did was wine instead of study. I should have just been appreciative to be in a U.S. medical school program but I was not mature enough at the time to realize this. My lady however, just put her nose down to the grind and did her job. due to my attitude, I clashed all-along with the administration and they finally got rid of me in my third year of the curriculum (swindled into voluntary withdrawal in a moment of weakness ). Suddenly I realized what a privilege I had spoiled and felt so depressed about having squandered it. What to do? I felt like it was a bad option but my lady's parents talked me into going to some no-name start-up for-profit Caribbean school that is licensed for residency and practice in few of the United States. In the meantime, ( and by virtue of her medical heritage but mostly her superhuman charm and beauty) my fiancee has completed the majority of a radiology residency. So here I am finishing up the last couple weeks surrounded by students who are so less adequate than me to practice medicine at this goofy school to get some degree that's not worth the paper it's printed on. Oh well ,we are still genuinely in love and I guess she will eventually pay both of our loans off with her radiology $. Would have been awesome to be a doctor by now also. Would be nice having some chance of maintaining the masculine role in the relationship too (I have done web searches for things such as " highest student loan debt ever" and the numbers that come up make me giggle. That's chump change compared to the hole I'm in) My wife-to-be is even so good that she got the heavy hitters at her institution to make all the appropriate calls to get me a residency match. The problem is that ,by state law ,(of the state in which she is currently training (and several other states) my fly-by-night current medical school is not even recognized as worthy to practice or train as a physician.

I recently did an away rotation at my fiancées radiology program, during which time I was under the direction of osteopathic graduates, Who were not only DO's but should have been behind me in training had my original plans gone more smoothly.If my balls tuck any more tightly up into my body they will be coming up through my throat into my mouth. Keep on truckin

Tue, Nov. 5th, 2013 04:17 am (UTC)

Yeah . You suck

Mon, Feb. 17th, 2014 08:25 am (UTC)

Dude fuck you. You do suck.
Just because you fucked up your life does not give you the right to bash DOs. At 3 of my last 6 away rotations the main chiefs in the departments I was rotating in were DOs.
Whiny little pretentious asses like you will constantly open their mouths to let toxic comments fall out. And I bet that is what got you kicked out of medical school.
So, have fun being a little bitch , and hopefully your wife eventually leaves you for a DO who is a chief in the specialty you go into if you ever make it to residency. hahaha